Tamak Group operates a chain of 29 retail stores under different brands.Adopt, Bata, Bottega Verde and Funky Fish from Europe.Citadel and Doodland, brands developed by Tamak GroupAll the above brands have their own websites with online shopping with delivery facilities. 

Plus qu'une marque,
un mode de vie...

10 Shops Across Mauritius

Over 170 Shops across the World

Over 150 Perfume Fragrances

100% Made in France
(In Bordeaux)

Present in 20 Countries across the World

Over 30 Years Experience in the Field

adopt’ est un concept unique autour de trois univers : le parfum, le maquillage et l’accessoire  de mode. Une beauté accessible, qui s'inscrit dans une démarche qualitative et exigeante. Nos parfums sont fabriqués en France, à Bordeaux. Nous élaborons nos parfums avec des matières premières de qualité, récoltées au meilleur de leur potentiel olfactif, avec des essences choisies avec soin, et en nous appuyant sur le savoir-faire de nos artisans partenaires à Grasse, la capitale mondiale de la parfumerie.

adopt’ parfait votre look avec une offre beauté complète : Gel douche parfumé, soin du visage, soin du corps, maquillage, palette maquillage ... Tous nos produits cosmétiques sont imaginés, développés et designés en France et 95% sont fabriqués en Europe. Enfin, notre équipe mode est en veille permanente afin de dénicher les nouvelles tendances et vous proposer des collections dans l’air du temps. Avec 16 collections par an, votre look peut s’adapter à toutes vos envies !

Bata Shoes and Accessories

5 Shops Across Mauritius

Over 5000 Shops across the World

In Mauritius since 1952

Made in multiple manufacturing countries

Present in 70 Countries across the World

Over 100 Years Experience in the Field

WE SHOE THE WORLDOur story began in 1894 in a small town called Zlin, in the Czechoslovakia. The siblings Tomas, Anna and Antonin Bata founded the T.& A. Bata Shoe Company with $320 inherited from their mother. With over 300 years of family history in shoemaking, the reputation for quality and know-how of the Bata name helped propel the company’s start-up.  

Being the ninth generation of shoemakers, they introduced innovation which brought about the “Batovka”, a high quality, mass-manufactured, affordable shoe for working people. The Bata legacy had just begun. BATA started building its name in Mauritius as from 1952 and has been serving the country since then. The Bata has been continuously trying to adapt itself to new trends and demands.


Natural Beauty Care

2 Shops Across Mauritius

Over 500 Shops across the World

No unnecessary chemistry

Yes to Natural ingredients

Yes to Natural Research

Yes to Biodiversity

Nature as a source of inspiration has always been in our DNA. As Bottega Verde grew from a small herbalist’s store into the company that it is today, it has stayed true to the natural approach for which it has always been renowned and followed an innovation process that aims to ensure that its products are increasingly safe and effective. Its formulas are the starting point on the road to renewal, which involves a pledge to avoid all unnecessary chemicals and a tireless search for natural ingredients.

Try it, Wear it, Love it

Since 1983
Created by Tamak
Timeless Quality

7 retail stores
Online shopping
Home deliveries

Casual Chic Collection
For the whole family
T-shirts, polos & tops

Citadel signatures
Marine Collection
Mini me collection

Nature loving
Local dishes
Yes Mauritius.

Corporate Uniforms
School Uniforms

Want to feel great and exude with confidence?Try Citadel - Wear Citadel and you’ll Love Citadel.

It's usually difficult to choose the most appropriate garment that would suit a particular occasion, so Citadel has created a timeless fashion collection of casual chic garments that would make you feel great in any surroundings and exude with confidence.Citadel offers a range of essential wear for the whole family; ladies, men, kids and toddlers, mostly appropriate for our tropical island. Our range includes T-shirts, polos, hoodies, sweaters, shorts, tops, dresses and leggings.

The Celebration Venue

Fresh & Healthy
Fusion Cuisine

100+ seated diners

Birthdays & Celebrations

DJ Booth

Theatre Stage
Dance Floor

Italian wood fired Pizza

Celebs Restaurant and Celebs Café are interconnected with the KidsClub and the Toys&Gifts Shop in Doodland Bagatelle. Doodland with Celebs is a one stop shop for happy moments for the family, Friends and colleagues.Celebs Restaurant is The Celebration Venue in Bagatelle Mall with its Piano Bar, DJ booth, Dancing Floor, UST Projector & Karaoke· Celebs Restaurant & Café aims for Fresh & Healthy foods for everyone, we takes its inspiration from the Fresh & Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine.Because we are against precooked food with added preservatives as in fast- food, we favors the use of freshest ingredients possible.The Traditional Brick Wood-Fired Pizza Oven from Italy is not only for perfect for pizza but also for our vegetables, meat and fish.

Happy Moments

KidsClub for development

Theatre for creativity

Arts & Craft for education

Pretend Play for imagination

Toddlers Area for coordination

Toys&Gifts for Happy occasions

Most people are so busy that they can hardly spend quality time with their kids, families and friends, so we have created Doodland, a one stop entertainment destination for regular get togethers and for celebration of birthdays and other memorable events, so that you can now enjoy each other's company and have fun together.Doodland together with Celebs Restaurant & Café is an eventful ecosystem in a pleasant, safe and child-friendly environment, with complimentary activities where relationship is reinforced through shared fun experience.Join the Doodland Club and enjoy our free invitational events.

Jeweleries & Accessories for Girls & Kids

Jewelries for
Girls & Kids

Kids Club & Playground

Toys &
Gifts Shop

School Items whole year

3 Stores across Mauritius

Present in over 25 Countries

We are Funky Fish!We let you choose what excites you.Create this whole experience for you and bring it to you in a simple way so that you can enjoy it again and again.Funky Fish was founded 25 years ago in Palma de Mallorca Spain. The company started out as a street stand and developed into a chain of fashion accessories stores that operated in 40 countries. The company Create, Design, Develop and Manufacture Life Style Trendy Products through offices in Israel and China.

Dood - Ici Tou Korek 

Inspirational cartoon

Anagram of our Dodo for his patriotism

Reliable Passionate Optimistic

Mascot of Mauritius Red Cross Society

Foodie of
our local

Nature loving Dood.

To share our passion for the Mauritius we love, we created anoptimistic inspirational character who could be a role model for us. We gave our cartoon the name Dood, the anagram of our emblematic dodo.Dood has the privilege of collaborating with the Mauritius Red Cross Society to raise awareness on safety and risk reduction.Prior to the Covid lockdown,“ La Caravane de Dood” had been a regular annual event organized by MRC.Zeness Pran Kont - A Natural Hazard Handbook with Dood as the communicator, published by MRC and distributed in school to pupils of grade 5 and 6.